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We sell top-tier GTA mod menus like Frontier, Stand, Cherax and more. We offer the simplest and most streamlined buying process possible with excellent customer service. Instant delivery on all purchases.

FreshKeys.VIP Mod Menus

Step up your GTA experience.

Let's face it. Vanilla GTA is pretty boring. With our mods, you will never run out of fun things to do in GTA.

Player Options

Want to be a cow? You can be a cow. You can be a cow doing pushups while riding a modded motorcycle. Our mods allow you to do anything with how your player looks and behaves.

Vehicle Options

Spawn any car. Maximize its performance with one click. Customize it completely right from a menu. Modify the speed to be ultrafast, or even fly. Or be invisible!


Tired of being messed with by other modders? Our mods can protect you. No more crashing, freezing, being sent to the island without consent, etc.

Griefing Options

Sick of someone trolling the lobby? Put them in a cage, freeze their player, or crash their entire game!

Levels and Unlocks

Tired of things being locked due to your low level? Simply set any level you want and click one button to unlock everything in the game.

Weapon Options

Give all weapons. Unlimited ammo. No reload. Explosive bullets. Rainbow gun! With our menus' weapon options, there are no limits.

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